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Universal diamond crown

Cutop Special diamond crown is designed for angle grinders with M14 fit. It is used for dry drilling: porcelain stoneware, marble, cinder block, brick, ceramic tile, glass, foam concrete, wood and reinforced concrete. A dry cut is provided by the high-temperature vacuum method of sintering diamond segments in the manufacture of a crown. The body of the crown is one-piece, which provides high strength, which allows you to work at the highest speeds. The use of cooling significantly increases the resource of the crown.
In crowns with a diameter of 6-12 mm, a special cooling material is placed inside. Also in crowns with a diameter of 8-12 mm there are special holes that contribute to better removal of cuttings. In crowns with a diameter of 25-68mm there are compensatory cuts that prevent overheating and allow improve sludge removal from the cutting zone.
Material: tool steel, industrial diamonds, wax.
Packing: blister.

Article        Description       Packaging
70-496     6x10xM14x60mm      10/50
70-497     8x10xM14x60mm      10/50
70-498     10x10xM14x60 mm    10/50
70-499     12x10xM14x60 mm    10/50
70-504     25x15xM14x60 mm    10/50
70-506     35x15xM14x60 mm    10/50
70-507     40x15xM14x60 mm    10/50
70-508     45x15xM14x60 mm    10/50
70-512     68x15xm14x75 mm      5/20