Industrial drill SDS-Max

Concrete drill with Cutop Profi Plus cross tip. Used in powerful rotary hammers with SDS-Max shank size for drilling hard rock, stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick. For the production of the cross tip of the drill, an alloy of tungsten carbide with the addition of 8% cobalt is used. This allows precise holes to be made and guarantees long tool life without changing the diameter. Additional cutters are underestimated in diameter to avoid jamming of the drill. The design of the helix allows optimal sludge removal and prevents debris from accumulating in the grooves.The spiral part of the drill is made of high-quality tool steel and undergoes special heat treatment. Thanks to this, the drill can withstand high loads without the risk of deformation. When installed in a chuck, the shank must be lubricated.
Material: tool steel.
Packing: plastic hanger.